Prof. Christopher Palmer
Producer & editor

Professor of Cell signalling, London Metropolitan University, "The body- in sickness and health" evening school lecturer, Imperial College, Instructor de Baile, Sociedad de Baile Español, Fellow of Higher Education Academy.

BSc (Hons) Applied Biology, Ph.D. Molecular virology/biology, IdB1 Spanish dance society, PGCert Education, Fellow of Higher education Academy.

Previously Professor Chris Palmer worked on the molecular biology of the HIV-1 transmembrane protein at the University or Reading. Professor Palmer's research then moved on to carry out research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on mechanosensitive ion channels in yeast and humans and on the role of Sigma-1 receptors in Potassium channel modulation in neurons.

More recently Professor Palmer worked at Imperial College investigating the role of ion channels and transporters in Cancer. Professor Palmer's present work involves the involvement of ion channels, receptors and transporters in cancer, particularly breast cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer and ovarian cancer. Additionally he has interests in investigating phytochemicals with anti-cancer properties and in longevity, health, well being and dance nutrition. He also runs a popular evening class course at Imperial College London entitled "The body – in sickness and health".  Currently he teaches cell biology to nutrition and dietetic students and molecular biology and molecular oncology to biomedical students at London Metropolitan University.

He started dancing twenty five years ago and received training in ballet and Spanish dance culminating in award of an "Instructor de baile" Diploma  from the Sociedad de Baile Español.  He has performed at numerous venues in America and  the UK and currently teaches adult Flamenco classes in London.