About the Vibrant Dancers Book of Nutritional Guidance
Art is concerned with expression.  However, dance is an art form where the artist’s body is the instrument of that expression.  Therefore, akin to a musician’s priceless violin it makes sense for a dancer to take care of their own instrument of expression - their own body.  

Assembled in our book is scientific advice from nutritionists, dieticians, dance masters, dance teachers, dancers, sports scientists, dance therapists, immunologists, endocrinologists, neuroscientists, and cancer biologists to provide guidance and a scientific basis for dancers, dance teachers, and parents and partners of dancers to choose a nutritional plan that supports the dancer in their physical and mental endeavors.

Release date is Nov 2021
The Vibrant Dancer is the feeling or sensation you get after a dance class or performance.  Dance is not only a medium of artistic expression but also a great form of exercise with physical, mental, and social benefits.  By dancing, eating well and looking after ourselves we can extend that sensation to the whole of our life, improve training outcomes, become more creative and prevent injury – Be Vibrant!

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    Prof. Christopher Palmer

    Producer & editor

    Professor of Cell signalling, London Metropolitan University, "The body- in sickness and health" evening school lecturer, Imperial College, Instructor de Baile, Sociedad de Baile Español, Fellow of Higher Education Academy.

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    Dr Dee Bhakta


    Senior Lecturer in Health Sciences in School of Human Sciences London Metropolitan University Course Leader MSc Human Nutrition (Public Health/Sports) Fellow of Higher Education Academy

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    Dr. Nicky Keay

    Sports and Dance Endocrinologist and Honorary Fellow Dept Sport and Exercise Sciences, Durham University.

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    Brian Loftus

    International dance master, choreographer, and lecturer. Emeritus dance director and teacher with Arts Ed, Chiswick.

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    Dame Marina Keet

    Dame of the Order of Queen Isabella of Spain. Hon. Life President of the Spanish Dance Society. Professorial Lecturer Emeritus, George Washington University, USA. Member of the Conseil International de la Danse (CID).

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    Miguel Angel Espino

    Maestro de Baile and Internationally recognized dance teacher and choreographer, ex-Soloist and guest artist for Ballet Nacional de España. Director of Miguel Angel Flamenco Ballet Company, choreographer for Catarina Mora Flamenca company and artistic director of the Stuttgart Flamenco Festival. First dancer in Rafael Aguilar's company and artistic director (1999-2000). Miguel has choreographed for many operas and shows being awarded many prizes for his work. Miguel currently tours and teaches Internationally.

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    Eliz Arter

    Senior Instructor, Eastern Mediterranean University. Visiting researcher, London Metropolitan University. Associate Registered Nutritionist by The Association for Nutrition, Registered Dietitian by the Turkish Cypriot Dietitians Union.

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    Conchita del Campo

    Maestro de Baile, director and international examiner for the Spanish Dance Society; Pilates Foundation examiner; Member of education team for the Body Control Pilates Association; RAD teacher and a Craniosacral Therapist.

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    Francesca Straniero

    Associate registered Nutritionist (ANutr). BSc (Hons) Food Science and Nutrition, MSc Human Nutrition (Sports).

    Prof. Dr. Ruveyde Bundak

    Professor in Paediatric Endocrinology, Medical Faculty, University of Kyrenia, MD and fellow in paediatrics at University of Istanbul.

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    Dr Andrew Foey

    Associate Professor of Immunology, Plymouth University. Senior Fellow of Higher Education Academy.

    Dr. Ebru Aydar

    Neurophysiologist and honorary researcher, University College London. Fellow of Higher Education Academy. Diploma in Performing Arts. Artistic director of Random Transformations Dance Company

    Fenella J Barker

    Lecturer in Flamenco & Spanish Dance, Morley College London, Performer & Choreographer with Flamenco y Danza,

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    Sevcan Gazi

    BSc (Hons) Biology of Infectious Disease student at London Metropolitan University.

    Afshan Aghili

    Lecturer in Human Nutrition with the School of Human Sciences, London Metropolitan University. Fellow of Higher Education Academy

    Isabel Phua

    Professional contemporary dancer. BSc (Hons) Dietetics student at London Metropolitan University; BA Dance (Hons), Lasalle College of the Arts - Singapore; NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist.

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    Team support and communications manager

    Georgina Ellison

    MSc Human Nutrition

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    Dr. Úna L Fairbrother

    Reader in Molecular Genomics, Head of Researcher Development, Fellow of Higher Education Academy. London Metropolitan University,

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    • England, United Kingdom

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                    PART 1                                                        PART 2                                PART 3

    Review of dance and nutrition             Tao Te Ching of dance nutrition         Satiation diet 

              Energy for dance                                      Immune system                           Medi. diet

                    Vitamins                                          Cardiovascular system                    Med. diet

                    Minerals                                          Gastrointestinal  system                   Recipes  

                    Hydration                                         Skeletal-muscle system                    

                  Performing                                          Integumentary system

        Optimizing Performance                                  Urinary system                  

          Nutrition and creativity                                 Lymphatic system

                     Injuries                                                  Endocrine system                   

         Avoiding colds and flu                                     Nervous system                                   

            Sleep and nutrition                                   Reproductive system                   

             The young dancer                                              

    Hypermobility, EDS and nutrition                                    


             Coeleric and gluten                                    

                Eating disorders                                           

    Consequences of being underweight

                   Bone Health                                        

           Vegan and vegetarian                                        



                Anticancer diet                                             


               Oxidative stress                                             


          Nutrition and epigenetics                                  

    Dance, Nutrition, Creativity and Expression

    Dance is a form of artistic expression in a duality of physical movement and emotions. This is difficult to achieve if your mind is full of negative emotions and you have low mood. Your emotions are affected by many factors but one important one is nutrition.

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    Flamenco class run by Chris Palmer at Studio Kew

    Location Studio Kew (on Kew side of Kew bridge under the bridge arches)- next to Kew Green

    Date: Saturday 11.00-12.00

    Level Elementary/Lower Intermediate

    Cost: £10

    Class includes: warm up, footwork practice, castanet practice, Sevillanas practice, choreography